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Finding a Lawyer and Accountant for Your Small Business

Starting a new business is exciting. You have an idea, you decide to put money and time into building it into a company, and (at least hopefully) you watch your business grow as customers discover you and spread the word. Becoming an entrepreneur is even more exciting if

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How to Split Cofounder Equity

If you started your company with a cofounder, one question that may trip you up is how to split the equity between you. This can be an awkward subject to broach, even if you and your business partner have known each other for years. After all, suggesting that you “deserveâ

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What’s a Public Benefit Corporation?

The Public Benefit Corporation, or PBC, is a newer type of entity that’s gotten a lot of buzz in the last few years. The PBC differs from a standard corporation in that it exists to serve a purpose beyond maximization of profits for its shareholders. This can be a good opt

Taxing Your LLC as a Corporation

One of the features of an LLC that distinguishes it from a corporation is the way it’s taxed. Corporations pay a corporate tax based on their profit in a given year, and the shareholders pay separate taxes on money that the corporation pays them, either through dividends o

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Best States to Form an LLC

Once you’ve decided that an LLC is the optimal structure for your business, the next question is typically what state to form your entity. Many entrepreneurs assume that Delaware or Nevada is the best home for their LLC, due to the outsize buzz that these states get. B

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Registering Your Entity in Another State

Once your corporation or LLC is up and running, you may decide to move or expand your operations to another state. This often happens when the founder of a business moves, or when he brings on a cofounder who lives in a different state. This is also a common scenario for ent

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How Should My Partner and I Split Our Equity?

If you have a business partner, or you’re thinking of bringing one on in the future, one of the big questions you’ll confront is how to split the equity between you (or among you, if there are more than two of you). Many times, cofounders of a business have a history

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Professional Corporations and Professional Limited Liability Companies

Usually, once you’ve decided whether you want to form a limited liability company or a corporation (or some other type of entity), it’s off to the races. But for certain entrepreneurs, there may be an additional step or two when setting up your company. Many states re

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What are the Ongoing Fees for an LLC?

Early-stage entrepreneurs are rightly concerned with how much an LLC will cost to set up. They’re also usually curious about how much it will take to maintain the LLC from year to year. After all, setting up a business is a one-time affair, but keeping the entity in good s

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Member-Managed LLC vs. Manager-Managed LLC

When forming your LLC, your lawyer may ask you whether you want the entity managed by members or managers. To which you’re likely to reply, “What’s the difference?” A member-managed LLC is the simplest arrangement, which makes it attractive for people attracted to